The Raw Material to Make Wood Pellets

BY James Wang

There are various types of raw materials that can be used in the making of wood pellets. These include saw dust, scrap blocks, etc.  These raw materials are processed in a pellet making machine where they are compressed and dried. Although the pellet mill is a little bit costly, it pays in the long run because you will reap benefits that come with use of pellet fuel. You can also manufacture pellets for sale but in that case you should ensure that they fully comply with the industry standards of quality and moisture content.  

makeIn general, the process of producing wood pellets starts with the generation or production of raw material. For most of the cases, the raw materials are some by product of another operation of wood processing.  An example of the equipments for the production of pellets is the pelletizer which produces large amounts of clean, dry sawdust. It can also produce small scarp blocks when it is in operation.  This by product is one of the most ideal materials for the production of pellet.

However, with the recent continued interest in the production of pellets, some of the mills have started generating raw materials for the making of wood pellets directly from trees such as the roundwood. To avoid the destruction of forests wood pellet technology does not recommend the felling of trees. The land should be used for agricultural purposes and forestry.  The raw materials for the making of wood pellets are therefore the products that would have otherwise gone in to waste for example sawdust during the sourcing of timber and logs from trees.